Aleurone Product

The soft gold of wheat

Scientifically, the unhealthy eating habits of polished rice and refined noodles are the culprit of chronic diseases, and the whole nutritious staple food is getting more and more popular.
As shown in Table.1, Aleurone flour has a natural advantage over whole wheat flour.

The successful extraction of wheat aleurone and its scale production have solved all the problems of whole wheat flour.
As shown in Table.2, the flour with 20% aleurone reached or exceeded the standard of American whole wheat flour, and also exceeded the standard of Chinese whole wheat flour.

It is more scientific to separate the aleurone from the wheat bran
and then add it back to the flour than to directly process the whole wheat !

The raw material for the production of the aleurone is wheat bran, which has an extremely wide range and low cost. As a basic raw material for natural and nutritious , the aleurone can be used to develop various types of healthy foods.

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