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ZhiShiFang Food Science & Technology Co. Ltd, established in Sep. 2012 by Fuld Holding (group) Co. Ltd (risk investment of 15 million) and the startup team of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and is a industrialization company of Jiaxing China-Russia Tech Transfer Center affiliated to the Zhejiang Institute of Advanced Technologies, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company has completely independent intellectual property rights of wheat aleurone production line, is specialized in wheat aleurone raw material supply and product development . With headquarter and R&D center in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. and industrialization base in Dawenkou Industrial Park in Tai’an, Shandong Province. The company has a high-level expert and leadership team composed of academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences,first prize winner of national technological invention award, experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and University professors.ZhiShiFang has the proprietary patented technology for mechanical isolation of wheat aleurone which is researched by the Chinese and Russian Academies of Sciences, has applied for more than a dozen invention patents as well as has received invitations for cooperation from domestic large investment companies and many Fortune 500 businesses.
The company is building 10000-ton class aleurone production line and is expected to form emerging strategic industry cluster of wheat aleurone. Aleurone industrialization will change people’s staple food structure, provide the basic industrialization achievement of great significance for “Health China Strategy of The Thirteenth Five-year Plan of food industry”, and will become the core technology for transformation and upgrading of healthy food industry in our nation’s health industry.

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